Daniel: I don’t think Ingram’s getting any all-defense votes! I think the conversation about Wiggins gets clouded when his hefty contract and status as former #1 draft pick gets involved. Take a look at the top 50 most expensive contracts in the NBA for this season. The Dubs have four guys on that list; Wiggins’ deal ranks at 25th.

Pundits think he should be doing more for that money; fans fantasize constantly about other players that contract could be dangled as trade bait for. But when we look at his quality season on both ends of the ball and the success Steph and Draymond had on the floor with him, it’s pretty easy to imagine him fitting seamlessly alongside Golden State’s Big 3.

The Warriors have so much firepower with the Splash Bros, perhaps they don’t need a superstar third option. Maybe they just need someone who can put up 20 in his sleep while playing stout defense, even if that costs a lotta Joe Lacob’s money. Oh yeah and as Fitz says, “the best ability is availability”. Wiggins played in a team high 71 games; next closest was Kent Bazemore with 67 games.

Is fan frustration here about Wiggins’ contract simply that they don’t believe the Warriors will find more complementary pieces due to the luxury tax? Per Basketball-Reference, here are the top contracts on the luxury tax strapped Dubs.

Dr. Tom: I think the fact that Wiggins played a role/did things that the Warriors didn’t have at the time when they traded for him has to factor into how we see the contract. They didn’t have that steady, solid wing player to go with Steph and Klay in the backcourt. Having Wiggins, even on that contract, is a lot better than having D’Angelo Russell (who didn’t make a ton of sense with the backcourt already in place) on a roughly similar contract. 

So then I guess the question one is asking… do you wish KD just left for nothing/they hadn’t traded for D-Lo in the first place? 

Daniel: Not me! Over the last 15 games of the season when the Warriors were in a mad dash for the postseason, Wiggins averaged 20.4 PPG, 5.6 REB, 2.4 assists, and 1.1 BLK on 48% shooting (35% from downtown). All that on a team high 35.7 MPG, chasing around the opposing team’s best scorers. And look how he did LeBron!

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He’s a workhorse and if Klay recovers from his Achilles injury anywhere close to what Kevin Durant has, Wiggins’ scoring/defense will be the perfect complement on the wing. Klay won’t have to hound the opposing team’s best player every night like he used to.

I’m happily handing out pamphlets for real estate on Wiggins Island. It’s filling up fast though Dub Nation; are you buying?

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