And I can’t forget about the contributions from the ultimate role player Kevon Looney. A member of the Golden Empire’s heyday, Loon has brought some of that championship resilience in his role as starting center.

His 8 rebounds and 4 assists were the statistical icing on the cake for an evening he spent in the trenches against Denver’s formidable front court. In his 27 minutes Looney kept tabs on MVP candidate Nikola Jokic as well as the versatile Paul Millsap and Aaron Gordon. Denver shot 5-of-11 against the long arms of Loon. NOTHING EASY.

Injuries are a painful part of NBA life

As awesome as the Warriors youth movement is turning out to be, the truth is GSW wouldn’t have had a chance to develop these new faces as thoroughly without being struck by crippling injuries and Covid issues. Last night Denver took some more injury pain of their own, as their wing Will Barton hobbled off the court with a bad hamstring in the first quarter and did not return.

Although this matchup was billed as a battle between two MVP candidates Curry and Jokic (Denver’s center had an unimpactful 19-6-6 box score in the loss), the underlying story was how these teams are surviving without important pieces. While Thompson’s absence headlines a long list of Warriors injury woes, Nuggets star Jamal Murray tore his ACL against the Warriors earlier this season, perhaps dooming Denver’s title hopes.

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Dear @NBA,

Please never schedule the Nuggets to play at Golden State ever again.

Thanks in advance

The sadness of watching players go down reignites my disgust with the mob who suggested the Warriors dynasty was built on a lack of healthy opponents. What franchise doesn’t go through injury issues? It’s clear that those who thought the Dubs were skating by on “injury luck” were just haters cosplaying as unbiased observers.

Because if anybody got lucky, it’s the Warriors opponents over the last two years as Klay Thompson rehabs through season-ending injuries.

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This moment between Steph and Klay 💯 Image

Moving On

Damn, the Warriors have won 2 outta 3 against Denver this season? That’s a good sign for a Golden State team primed to make the playoffs. Beating good teams gives the squad experience and confidence heading into the postseason. It cracks me up that Denver has been considered a dark horse contender for a few seasons now, but even with the Warriors rebuilding, still can’t overcome Curry and Co.

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Never talk to me about Jokic or the Nuggets ever again.

It’s looking like the Dubs will be a sure bet to make the play-in tournament if they can keep their good momentum rolling…and if they can somehow stay healthy in this truncated season.

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Alright folks I’m outta here. Enjoy your Saturday and pour out some liquor in honor of the legend Klay as he rehabs to be ready next season.

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