Curry was destroying Celtics defenders with impunity. NBA 2K needs to give this man a 99-rating ASAP. But after he got hobbled and JTA went down, the Dubs didn’t have enough to close the game.

Always Be Closing

Golden State appeared to be on the verge of winning this game when Curry drew a foul call on a 3PT shot with a 109-105 lead and 3:30 to go. Curry’s an automatic foul shooter; if he hits those three freebies the Dubs go up seven. But Boston challenged it and the refs overturned it, leading to a depressing turn of events for Dub Nation.

Warriors stats over final 3:30 of the game: 5 points on 2-of-7 shooting, 0-2 on free throws (poor Kent Bazemore), with 2 turnovers. The Dubs tried to spam the vaunted pick-and-roll, but Boston was eager to double team Curry and force someone else to make a play. Curry attempted both shooting over and it passing through it, but the gassed and wounded Warriors couldn’t tic-tac-toe their way through an intelligent Boston defensive effort.

Oh yeah and suddenly Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker became clutch deep shotmaking artists.

Wow. I guess Curry inspired everyone to shoot improbable shots from beyond the arc (YES I’M SALTY).

This was yet another tough, late gut punch Dub Nation has witnessed as these Dubs try to learn crunch-time strategy and mentality on the fly. Thankfully I don’t think this loss hurt quite as bad as these crunchtime letdowns:

But the Boston lost still counts all the same. Nailbiting failures have erased the Warriors’ margin for error during this final stretch of the season. I believe those learning experiences will be valuable if Golden State uses their lessons in future battles. And yet we know there’s only so far knowledge and camaraderie will take them if they don’t have the health to actualize it on the court.

Something to build on

It’s a credit to the coaching staff and the team’s collective pride that despite missing three starters, they came within a couple possessions of stealing a road win from the 4th seeded Boston Celtics.

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Warriors signing Gary Payton II, son of Hall of Fame point guard, to a second 10-day contract, per report… Image

But ultimately this team can’t afford injuries to Curry, JTA, or anybody else right now. Next up, the #1 seed in the East. Who will be available for the Dubs against those giants from Philly?

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