The timing of that news break, which had to have been planned ahead, and the one from Schultz almost made me think the leak about being enthused playing for Nash might have even been a joke from Andre. You know how he likes to screw with the media!

Here are some select quotes from Iguodala in that NYT article:

A half-hour after the NYT break, The Athletic’s Anthony Slater confirmed that the deal was a vet min slot. While Iguodala is set to make $2.6 million (just a one-year contract), pre-ordained by the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement for veterans of his tenure, vet min salaries will only count as $1.7 million against the cap, as researched by our Discord member “Lepidoptery”.

Later in the afternoon, the SF Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau reported, “A source close to Iguodala told The Chronicle that Iguodala would’ve been at peace with retiring this summer. But when the Warriors called this week and offered him one last season with the franchise that has come to feel like family, he couldn’t resist a chance at a storybook ending.”


Steph led the way with a nice little 24-second video production that began with an audio clip of ESPN’s Max Kellerman quipping, “I want Andre Iguodala.”

Shaun Livingston, now employed by the Warriors’ front office, was clearly happy:

Draymond went on Instagram and said, “Yesirrrrrrrrrrrr…Wecome back MVP”:

Later that night, after throwing out the first pitch at an Oakland A’s game, Juan Toscano-Anderson finally got time to reflect:

That was a bit ironic in that head coach Steve Kerr last season often mentioned Toscano-Anderson and Iguodala in the same context:

Social media reaction

Hollywood’s Josiah Johnson had the funniest reaction:

To which Andre himself replied:

While there are surely tons of Iguodala highlights and compilations available for consumption on YouTube, here was one on the free platform known as Twitter highlighting Andre’s defense:

Another recalled Andre saying, “I love Steph,” in a postgame locker room clip from ESPN. We also have a ton on our YouTube channel (you can Google “ letsgowarriors iguodala” for a sampling), but I couldn’t find this one, as Iguodala often gave informal ad hoc media sessions like this, so I might have been in the main room recording whomever was on the podium:

Discord reaction

A lot of families have or had moms and aunts with Iguodala pegged as their favorite Warriors player. “She was hardcore obsessed with his arms,” said one of our members, “C.DubNation”.

Another Discord member, Ricky Padilla, said, “My favorite memory of Andre was from the JaVale McGee Softball game after they won in 2017. Seeing him and his son holding the trophy and playing softball was awesome. Especially trying to get each other out.

Now for a Warriors game, it’s have to be the Oracle Watch party for Game 6 in 2015 when he was announced the Finals MVP.”

The memories of Iguodala that stand out for me include the China trip the summer of 2013, when we first were introduced to his soft-spoken personality. It was really hard to hear him from a distance and he always seemed very philosophical.

And then later that season, he would throw in a factoid about, say, affirmative action or slavery at any given moment. So you never knew what you were gonna get with an Andre Iguodala scrum. At the same time, you could get a mundane one.

Nowadays, we’ve come to accept that and with the reunion with Steph, Klay and Dray, you can probably expect a lot more of the fun to come out, as well as the philosophical stuff as this could be his last year.

Friendly reminder: Four Pillars of LGW

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